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Clever Functional Bookshelves and Bookcase in Unusual Design

These clever and unusual bookshelves and bookcase designed as the functional furniture because it serves two purposes like a stair bookcase which the down stairs storage can be a useful place to arrange your lot books, or using the practical bed bookcase – can be used as the bed and as the simple bookcase. There are also several bookshelves and bookcase in unusual design, such as the book bookshelves and bookcase. Those types are made of book as the shelves or case. The most creative one is the modern bookshelves with color codes to divide the book genre. Now you can design your most favorite one.

Stair Bookshelves

Unique Book Bookshelves and Bookcase

Bedroom inside of Round Bookshelves

Modern Bookshelves with Color-code

Practical Bed Bookcase


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