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Decorative Wall Panel Design Interior with Noise Reducer

This is a multifunctional decorative wall panel, other than as a decorative interior; this wall panel is also a noise reducer. Technology of noise reducer on the decorative wall panel gives you extra comfort especially if you like music and watching movies. For that, this decorative wall panel well suited for home theater interior and music studio panel interior. Karim Rashid is the designer of this wall panel with acoustic panels Flo sound wave to reduce the frequency of 500 Hz so it is ideal to reduce noise from either outside or to your neighbor. This revolution of sound insulation is designed with modern style and really stylish, the pattern is in accordance with its name sound waving with 3d models. This wall panel design can be focused for feminine interior design or neutral. This installation is quite simple because in the back of each panel there is a strip of adhesive so you can easily patch it wherever you want. It is available in two colors there are pink and grey.

Colorful decorative wall panel

Sound waving wall panel

Noise reducer wall panel

Neutral grey wall panel


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